Carbon Certification

51-0’s mission is to help corporates reduce carbon in the atmosphere. We want to publicly recognise and thank those organisations who have invested time and resource in taking carbon reduction seriously. To do this, we have developed a stringent Certification which we believe can become a global standard.

What we look for

Smart Measurements

Can you measure scope 1, 2 and essential scope 3 in a verifiable way that is automated (for repeat measurement – essential for accountability), tagged, for accountability in a way that brings carbon alive for your organisation?

Set Targets

Do you set ambitious targets that are within the UN guidelines (currently 1.5c) or better, with clear milestones leading towards net zero?

Impactful Transformation

Have you allocated initiative owners, involved them in target setting, given them plans for carbon reduction accelerated programmes?  This includes procurement on the supply side and marketing on the demand side.

Governance with Authority

Do you manage success regularly in a way that identifies real progress, issues and bottlenecks. Are these discussed regularly and resolved at senior level if necessary. Does the board have sustainability on agenda? Are you transparent about success within the company.

Achieving Outcomes

Do you know if you are you achieving the targets you set up as part of the plan? Are you tracking absolutes and intensity indexes and keeping up with changes to the organisation, its supply chain and core systems.

Sustainable Business Model

Have you identified how your organisation needs to change its strategy, what it does day to day, what it measures, how it rewards to deliver sustainability?

Have you identified, engaged and mobilised employees, suppliers, investors, customers and community leaders in your programme.

Beyond Net Zero
To you invest in sustainability or sequestration innovations, contribute to ‘best practice’ knowledge, have a plan to be carbon positive?

The Certification Process

We examine a number of practices spread across the boxes above. For each practice we describe 4 states, from Beginner to Planet-Hero class.

After a thorough client briefing, the cloud-based assessment is completed by the Client, where their programme director and team of experts identify their state for each of the practices and with attach evidence to back it up. It takes about a day of their time to do this.

When the client has completed their assessment, a 51-0 carbon expert reviews the answers and the evidence.  We hold a detailed Q/A workshop with the client to check submissions, ask questions, challenge and rescore if necessary. This takes another day of their time.

Client Briefing with 51-0
Client Self-Assessment
Evidence Review by 51-0
Assessment Feedback & Discussion
Final Analysis & Certification

The 51-0 'Climate Hero' Certification

If the client qualifies, we then offer Certification which lasts one year and can be used in Client PR, on their website or on product packaging. We also request to use the Client logo in our publications. Depending on the score, the client will receive one of the three awards below. We also provide the client with a development plan to show how they can improve their certification.

We are fiercely defensive of this certification and only award it if it is fully deserved.

For more details please contact Professor Neil Woodcock on

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