Our Solutions

Every year the world adds 51 billion tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The only option to prevent a climate, social and economic disaster is to bring that number down to ZERO.
However, for companies climate transformation is…​


Standards and legislation continuously changing.

Time Intensive

Data collection is stuck in the world of Excel​


Climate programs lack governance and accountability​


Stakeholders are passionate but companies don’t engage them

The 51 to Carbon Zero solutions are different

More Efficient

We automate data collection and calculations through 100+ integrations, APIs and OCR and AI, taking away the heavy lifting of data collection and carbon calculations​

Reduce reporting time from months to days​

Our Proposition to become more-efficient
Our Proposition to become More Effective

More Effective

Our approach to hotspot analysis, target setting, and planning is practical and AI-led, avoiding paralysis by analysis

Our best practice database quickly surfaces the best solutions to tackle specific climate challenges​

Move quickly from data to decisions​

More Impactful

Visualize your entire climate program, track every project and KPI in one place, to create alignment, synergies and true excitement in the team

Achieve ambitious outcomes, not just be ‘compliant’

Our Proposition to become More Impactful

More Successful

Our Climate Success Managers are there to keep you up to date about the latest developments in climate legislation and make sure that the platform works for you.

Get the support that you need, when you need it​